Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Bridge of Flowers

What a lovely day today. The heat has broken. Cool crisp air. The movie folks have left town. And I decided I just had to walk across the Bridge of Flowers to get my cup of coffee before starting work at my studio.

Have you seen it recently? Have you checked out the new water feature? Fantastic. I think I must linger here on another day. Stone by Ashfield Stone. Metal work by my friend John Sendelbach. How cool is this--no pun intended.

 Then the flowers. Masses of color. The yellow of primroses like bursts of sunshine.

The burst of blue from hydrangea. Tucked in the dappled shade of a tree.

And the roses. Never have I seen the roses look so marvelous. Sweeps of pink and red. Free flowing arrangements of white and rose. The subtleness of little moss roses. Brings back memories of the roses by our windmill. But I digress.

And the individual flowers. Each so perfect and complex. Each so different in their feeling.

Clearly I should walk across it more. Study it more. Absorb the colors. Have you seen it recently? What is your favorite feature?  If you are traveling through western Massachusetts, it is so worth the detour. And of course my studio is on Bridge Street so very very close to the Bridge of Flowers. Hope to see you there.

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