Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Focused on the Future

Seems like so long ago doesn't it?  August 28, 2011--a date that I shall always remember. I know exactly where I was when I learned that my beloved pink studio had floated down the river during Hurricane Irene. I was at the American Craft Exposition in Evanston, Illinois.  My article "Focused on the Future" about relocating my studio was just published in the Summer edition of Studios magazine. There it is--in black and white and living color. I wrote the article myself.  Well, actually when I found myself getting too edgy thinking about that day, I let the editor do more of the research.

To paraphrase comments made about the movie Titanic when it first came out--"The boat sank. Get over it." And I knew I just did not need to see more images of my beloved pink studio heading downstream. That's what editors are for, aren't they?

So I concentrated on re-establishing my studio at 6 Bridge Street. Getting to the point where I can make the quilts that I was just dreaming about on August 27. Pushing myself to make something new and exciting.

It's a good article though--if I do say so myself. A few typos. That's to be expected.  An image got misattributed. But who cares? If you get a chance, you might want to read it. Studios is sold at many bookstores.  You can also order it on-line at http://www.interweavestore.com/Mixed-Media/Magazines/Studios-Summer-2012.html?SessionThemeID=7

Or you can come by my new. I will have copies for sale and you also can see some of the new quilts I have started making including this one I just finished yesterday--rainbows of autumn. Lovely isn't it? And thanks once again to everyone who has been so absolutely wonderful during this whole process. Irene certainly did bring out the best in so many people and organizations including CERF+.


  1. I remember that day and watching the news, realizing that your studio was gone, knowing from your blog that you were out of town. I wondered then if you knew before you came home and what it would be like for you to come home to that vanished, watery landscape. It makes me so happy that you've resurged and carried on, and so quickly, too (or so it seems).
    (one time visitor to the pink studio)

  2. Hi! Ann,

    I live in Tasmania OZ, having read the article in Stdios magazine, you have my admiration. So many of us would simply turn our backs and walk away after such a disaster, but with great courage you have begun again doing what you love. I have not seen your quilts before, they are stunning, your use of colour so masterly and show your inate talent and commitment to fibre art and art quilting.

  3. Thanks Nancy. Yes. I do remember you. Hope you get to visit again.

    And hi Judy!!! Basically there was no other solution. Thanks for your kind wishes also.