Tuesday, May 15, 2012

flying without a net

OK--I finished doing my Happy Dance. As those who also follow me on Facebook or Google+ know, my quilt ancient light found a wonderful home. Yeah!!!

ancient light--45 x 45"--copyright Ann Brauer 2011

But now I need to make a quilt to replace it. I know--high class worries isn't it? You see, I support myself making and selling quilts. And one of the tricks of the trade is to have quilts available in the colors that usually sell. Customers do like choice, you know. And many of them like to actually see the piece before they purchase it.

Sure I do still have autumn. Lovely quilt. Simple and soothing.

autumn--45 x 45"--copyright Ann Brauer 2011

I want a smaller piece. More similar to autumn hills. Another great quilt that fits in many homes.

autumn hills--40 x 56"--copyright Ann Brauer

However, as they say--been there, done that. No I need to do something different. Smaller. In the 32 x 48" size. Large enough to fill a space but small enough to not consume an area. A good size that sells easily. More like above the river--but I don't want to repeat myself.

above the river--32 x 48"--copyright Ann Brauer 2011

Not sure of the design, so I begin by making a set of placemats. What a great way to play with the colors. Lovely, aren't they? I try to imagine designs and possibilities as I piece and hand finish this work.

Hmm.  OK, I begin to get a glimpse of the design.  Colors I want to work with. Purples and mauves against the faded colors of the desert. Soft and gentle. Don't quite see the design in my mind--sometimes I know exactly what I am trying to capture. This time the design seems just out of sight. Around the next corner in my mind so to speak.  I start with what I know.  A dusty green on the bottom. Yes, that is sweet isn't it.

Then grey--yes, this could be the answer. Is the grey too confining? Will the tans rise above and seem to float like the sky? How will I add just that hint of warmth?

What color of tan do I need?  Will I finally "see" the quilt or just the next row?  When will it resolve itself?  So many questions. It does feel like I am flying without a net this time, if you know what I mean. But isn't this supposed to be the fun part? Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever just take off on a project not knowing for sure what it will look like--just having a feel for the colors that you want?

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