Thursday, August 26, 2010

rolling hills--one piece at a time

I love working with the wonderful grey and taupe fabric I just got. So complex and subtle I have to study the patterns and colors to find the hues within it so haunting and reassuring. Reminiscent of those big granite mountains up in New Hampshire. 

I start a new quilt in the rolling hills series using these colors. I want it grey and haunting--not too warm. With different shades of light flashing through. Soft peach and mauve. This piece will be six studies in this color. Each similar but also different. I must get more work for Long's Park.

I pull out all the fabrics I have in these soft colors. The cutting board is piled high. Each block has to be thought through--every strip either works or doesn't. I start the next block. Because the seam does not go the length of the fabric I pull up the threads and tie them off.

I want the backs to be neat.

I keep adding. Because I started more or less in the middle I can sew on both sides before ironing. But what color comes next. I don't want the piece to get too warm in color. I lay potential candidates down and look.

That brown on the bottom is too warm. Too many dots.

I pull out more fabrics.

Yes, that is closer. When in doubt, I sew what I know.

With the cooler brown-taupe, I can now add just a hint of the rust-brown. I'll sew it so there's only a hint.

What do you think. I pin the piece up and look. It is starting to take shape.

What do you think? I want to make more. Maybe grey and yellow? Hmm. So many possibilities. What do you think?

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  1. Your colors are beautiful and I am enjoying the look inside your decision making process. It's wonderful to see how you convey the essence of the landscape into your work. I am currently on vacation and taking lots of photos... oh, to capture those colors and textures the way you are able to! Thanks for sharing Ann.