Sunday, August 1, 2010

high class worries--setting up the booth

I have a friend who loves to call certain things "high class worries". You know the troubles you have that no one else would see as a problem. You can fret about it--but don't really feel sorry for yourself. For instance if too much chocolate for my birthday--definitely a high class worry. Or too much lovely fabric on sale.  Too many orders. You get the idea.

Well that happened to me at set-up for the PA Craft Show this week-end. I had the booth all planned in my mind. Of course the new quilt rainbows in summer was going on the back wall. I had yet to see this piece in its full glory and couldn't wait. As soon as the booth was up, I hung the quilt and snapped a picture. Who cares if the ladder is in its way?

Then I knew I wanted summer sky on the one side of the booth. It is a smaller version of the quilt on my postcard and a wonderful piece--if I do say so myself. Sorry about the lights in the picture. I was trying to finish the booth.

The other side would have a couple of the 45x45 inch squares. I love rainbow hills--that one is a definite. Maybe colors of the rain for a different look--but that may not go with the others.

In the end I went with autumn afternoon--slightly different colors than the other quilts but still looked good. Here is a snapshot of the entire booth when it was done. Not bad looking if I do say so.

So where you may ask is this "high class worry"? Well never fear, when I get to the hotel I learn that summer sky has been accepted into a show Sew New: Contemporary Art Quilts at the OSilas Gallery of Concordia College in Bronxville, NY this November and December.  I'll tell you more about this show later. But I really can't sell it--unless someone wants to wait for delivery until the end of the year. Back to the drawing board.

As my friend would say, definitely a "high class worry"--wouldn't you agree?  And it does give me more space to play with.

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