Sunday, August 8, 2010

I surprise myself

I love it when my quilts surprise even me. Recently I have been spending a lot of time thinking about northern lakes. This is probably because my DH and I are leaving soon for our vacation up in northern New Hampshire. Umbagog to be precise--a marsh land related to the Androscoggin River. Only 15 feet deep on average with floating islands in the northern area. A lot of it is protected area--perfect for kayaking. I've never been there before but I have a hunch it's going to be gorgeous.

After the heat of this summer I must confess I am really  looking forward to slowly paddling on a cool lake-a breeze at my back. This is probably why I decided to make a wall hanging in cool soft teal colors. I need work this size for the Long's Park Art and Craft Festival on Labor Day week-end. It will be similar to this brown version called rolling hills.

I pull out teal colored fabric--go through the pieces that I've cut but not yet used getting the palette just right. This should be easy. I have this wonderful fabric that is basically the woods. Don't you just love the soft colors with the soft yellow and rust?

I come across a piece from this fabric. I had purchased it because I wanted the wonderful water and sky pieces for another quilt. I had wedges of the tree area left--I never could figure out a use for it but the green was just the soft blue green color I was looking for. Maybe? Waste not, want not--they say.

I get a block done. Then another. Pin it up on my design board.

WOW. This design is more than I had dreamed possible.

Let me show it to your from a distance so you can really see it.
Do you see the island and the reflection? Up close--I agree--nice colors. But from a distance an unexpected shimmer of color and light.  I keep piecing--will it continue? has this ever happened to you? An inspiration beyond what you expected. I keep piecing. Now I just have to sew it together. Was it  because I was thinking of floating islands that I created this wonderful image? Yes, I can duplicate this mirage. Suddenly all sorts of designs come to my mind--what else can I do before I run out of this wonderful fabric. Can I find some more? I get into work early today to sew the quilt together. What do you think?


  1. Oh so lovely! The colors, the shimmer of light, perfect. And your mention of Lake Umbagog took me back to my teen years. Spent a summer there with family friends building and running a camp for intercity kids. Lots of hard work and fun canoeing, kayaking and running white water under the bridge in Errol, NH (I think that was where it was). Also acquired a baby raccoon that summer. What memories. Have fun and enjoy.

  2. Thanks Libby. What great memories you have.

  3. I like it very much. I'm looking forward to see it when its done, especially in comparison to your earlier "Rolling Hills" quilt.