Monday, August 23, 2010

how quickly the seasons change

After a hot dry summer of no rain, crunchy grass and sleep-depriving heat,  the weather in Shelburne Falls has turned cool and rainy. Autumn is definitely in the air.

Clouds hang from Massamont. Soft and subtle colors. Ghost like plumes of fog against the green.

The colors of my quilts switch from bright pure primary colors to the softer hues of fall. I start the new quilt. A slice of yellow--again not bright--calm and haunting. How lonely it looks there. How much these five seemingly simple blocks will predetermine the quilt.


I spend an evening thinking about the colors that come next. Lots of staring at the quilt. With the rain, the studio is quiet. I add to the quilt.

Now the yellow does make a statement. Slowly the quilt grows. One piece at a time. I make a block and stare. Pull out more fabrics. What colors will work without being too strong?

Again I work on the quilt. The top dark row takes shape. What row for the bottom. How dark should it be. I pin up samples of soft green. Will it be too dark? Too strong. Nothing to do but start. See what happens. I may even have to start sewing the quilt to see. What do you think? Always this uncertainty that carries me forward.

So much to do. I think of other colors that I want to use. Time for more colors of autumn. Do you also choose your colors based on the seasons?