Monday, June 12, 2017

the interlude--day 20

Sometimes one just has to get away if only for a night. Finally my large orders had been shipped. The rains at home seemed endless and cold. For a couple of years I had been wanting to go up to King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont to check it out.

Yes, of course I try to always have a hobby. Maybe that sounds a bit cliched but something where I can be an observer. Quilt making goes right to my essence. It is who I am and what I do. So I want something that is more trivial--well, that is a harsh word--but let's face it, if my bread is a bit flat it doesn't matter. I can always make another loaf in a day or two.

Anyhow I love the mountains of northern Vermont. So similar and yet so different. A perfect little escape. So many different flours. So many possibilities. Then an overnight at the Hotel Coolidge in White River Junction. Again a brief escape. A lovely hotel with just enough history and atmosphere to add to the magic. Did I mention the Turkish restaurant around the corner? Sometimes escape can be so unexpected and simple.

The next morning sunshine and fabric to purchase. Bread to make with my new flour and then quilts. Of course.

I made this quilt--hidden lake-- a few years ago after another little adventure. We were hiking to a lake through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Although the trail was not that long, I remember the glimpses of the lake which was our destination as we the woods would clear for just a bit. Then it would vanish again as we continued walking until we finally reached our destination.

hidden lake--quilt--45x45"--Ann Brauer--image by John Polak.

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