Friday, June 9, 2017

take me to the river--day 17

Always it seems I live by a river, Route 2 and the railroad tracks. Growing up our farm was along the Rock River. So many great memories of walking along that river and watching its many moods. As I grew up, I loved exploring the back water area we called the slough. In the spring the woods floor was covered with bouncing beds, trilliums and other wild flowers. Above there was a dense cover from the wild crab apple trees that bloomed so that it felt like I was dancing in a fairy land. I can still remember the hidden glens and the cow paths through the water swamp. In the distance there was the sound of the train whistle blowing its haunting promise.

Later in Boston, there was the Charles River that defined the city. An open definition of the moods of the city. Sometimes so peaceful and meditative. The cold walk across the Bridge on Mass Ave with its carefully marked and also slightly humorous Smoots. The hidden swamps to explore with cattails hiding the sky.

Now of course there is the studio. The train rushes by up the hill. Sometimes speeding by with the surge of energy. Sometimes slow and mighty. And the river. Each day it is different. It can be so still and calm. An infinity pool that defines the mountain. Other days it hurries over the dam in awesome inspiring statement of power.

Tomorrow is Second Saturday in Shelburne Falls--the latest reincarnation of RiverFest. There will be special events celebrating the river. The Bridge of Flowers is so full of color. And of course there is my studio and those of my new neighbors--Fair Maiden, Benjamin Dart Photography and Jenny New. If you get a chance, stroll down the River Walk and stop by. I hope to have one more framed quilt ready and will pull out some old favorites that would love a new home.

Meanwhile this is my quilt "rivers of autumn" which I made several years ago. How hard it was to create the colors--each a new statement of mystery.

rivers of autumn--45x45 in--quilt--Ann Brauer 2013--photo by John Polak

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