Sunday, June 11, 2017

october sun--day 19

Finally I am half way through this project. I was chatting with a friend while getting my morning coffee recently and she noted how ambitious I was to post 36 quilts for 36 years. Yes, that is a lot of quilts. And a l-o-n-g time.

I do love this quilt though--it is a large version of my piece "october sun". At 96x96 inches it was meant for a bed or a large wall. Of course each block was different although also the same.  Needless to say the center of the quilt came together easily but the two outside rows seemed to take forever. When I made this quilt I did not have my large design board so I had to remember the colors to get the whole to work. That was a feat in itself but don't you love the subtle but defined change of color so that the whole seems to almost pulse with life. What do you think?

october sun--96x96 inches--Ann Brauer

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