Friday, December 27, 2013

the light returns

Maybe it is because I always leave work at the same time most days but suddenly it is still almost light when I reach my car. Yes, there is only a difference of seven or eight minutes. And snow on the ground does help. But the seasons are changing. The light is clarifying. For those who don't know, the afternoon sun does start setting later long before the days get noticeably longer. Something about our orbit around the sun. I don't really care about the reason though, I just know I love having the afternoons lengthen.

And what that means for me is that Baltimore is less than two months away. You know--the Baltimore Fine Craft Show February 21-23 at the Convention Center. Yikes, it is early this year.  It is time to switch from holiday orders. That daily requirement of making my most popular items--the blue placemats. The potholders. The eyeglass cases that I know will sell. Time to start making new quilts. The ones that push me and my limits. That will hopefully stand out against the 600 other exhibitors in Baltimore. For more information:

Yet for me there is just this bit of fear and hesitation. What if I am no longer creative? Sure, I can make a tea cozy and plan five more tea cozies. That is easy. But what if I just can't create anything new and exciting and beautiful.

Now I know that if I get going the quilts will come. So I tell myself not to think too much. To just start. Make a quilt that I haven't been thinking about that much. What about the next in the desert sun series? Love those colors.

desert sun--32x48"--Ann Brauer

Start with the grey. I know that. See if that gives me the momentum. Sometimes that first block is the hardest, isn't it?

So lonely it looks by itself. Is it too blue? Too green? Do the greys work together?  I must finish that row.

Then make the green. No, I am not going to study the quilt to get the green "right". I want this quilt to have its own personality. Let the quilt choose its destiny.

Doesn't that look wonderful and fresh? Which I confess is just how I feel right now. So eager to go to work and just see what happens. Last night I even envisioned another quilt. One not even based on quilts I have previously done. Maybe I can get in the groove again. Hmm. Wonder what will happen? Does this ever happen to you? How do you get going again?

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  1. Ann, I really love reading how your quilts get "started". So fun, and I can almost visualize your thoughts.