Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the custom placemats

Okay--I support myself making quilts. Hence I do take custom orders. Pretty cut and dried isn't it? Just make what the customer wants and know that it is sold. What more could I ask for? And some orders are like that--ten gold placemats. A lot of sewing but basically I know what they will look like. Sure there are some artistic considerations. After all, there is always at least one fabric that I don't have which means that I have to rethink the entire color palette. One fabric does change that much. Always. But still it is just a matter of getting them done.

But then there are the other orders. The ones that I am curious about. Can I really make it? What will it look like? You know, the order that is actually something I have been thinking about. However, I will get paid to play.

So of course I had to say yes when the customer asked me if I could make 4 placemats just like this  runner with the very skinny strips. 

table runner--blues and purples--12x40"--Ann Brauer

Yes, the colors are wonderful, aren't they? But was it doable? Would I drive myself crazy in the process? Well, there was only one way to find out. Of course I said yes.

I started sewing. Oh these seams are long.  I had to select the magenta fabrics again. As I said, if I am out of one fabric I have to rethink them all. And the placemats are just slightly wider than the runner. It is the little things that matter.

So I keep sewing. Is there too much magenta?

Does the black contain it? I sew and sew. Stop and find more of the blue and purple fabrics and keep sewing. At least I know what I will make at the studio the next day. Gradually though it takes hold. Unfortunately I forget and don't snap images of the process. Just want to get it done. Thank goodness the new motor is faster.

Finally I finish.  Can't wait to see what they will actually look like.

Placemats--Ann Brauer

Cut them to size.  Hand sew the bindings. Finish them. And think.

Are they glorious? Yes. Don't they almost glow with the colors?

Is the back fantastic? You betcha.

Placemats--back--Ann Brauer

Did it take too long for a regular item? Alas. Yes. For now. Maybe there is a way to make it a bit faster. I am not sure.

But would I--could I--do it again if asked. Ayup!!! After all there are so many possibilities. So many colors that I want to work again. Now to see if I can get an order or two to play with this idea. Maybe in this color way--wouldn't that be great?

Or maybe this one?

Do you ever take a custom order just to see what will happen? How does it work out? Any tips?

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