Friday, November 9, 2012

riffs on the dawn

What a difference a day or even a week can make, don't you agree?

The sadness and uncertainty of Hurricane Sandy--oh how my heart aches for all those who suffered so very much. And especially those who are still in its grip of destruction.

The nor'easter that kept our sky grey and damp. For so many it was adding insult to injury.

And of course the nervous anxiety of Tuesday. Trying to wait patiently. Trying to say it would be OK. The feeling of relief that it is over. That democracy really and truly does work.

The dark of Standard Time. Hard to get used to, isn't it? Hard to celebrate the morning sun.

But today. Finally. The sun shines bright and clear. Melting the wisps of snow on the lawn. Promising to warm the corners of the house in a way that even the strongest wood fire just can't. How energized I feel. How eager I am to get to work. To finish getting ready for the Washington Craft Show, November 16-18. Hard to believe it is so close, isn't it? Hope to see some of you there.

This is my quilt--riffs of the dawn. I made it a couple months ago but have waited until the perfect day to show it. What do you think? How did you survive the past week or so?

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