Saturday, November 17, 2012

now that's a lot of sewing

I will be the first to admit I have a love-hate relationship my new long table runners--or are they wall hangings? Don't you just love how they seem to stretch on forever. So complex and substantial with  colors that almost shimmer in the light. That expanse of freedom and hope.

But they sure do take a lot of sewing. Think of it. About 50 seams that are about 8 feet long. Whew. That is well over 100 different fabrics to get the right color selection. And the most discouraging thing is that after I have finished one seam I have added a total of 1/4 inch to the quilt. That's not very much. The ball point pen in the hotel room is wider than a quarter of an inch.

And when I start there is nothing there. No color. No sense of motion. Just a long black seam.

Even after a few more it still looks rather blah!!! (Yes, it was late in the day when I snapped this picture but still you must get the idea.) This image is less than three inches. UGH!!!

Carry on though I must. There is a bit of British in my background I remember.

So finally there is the hint of color. Progress. One of the slowest aspects is that every seam or two I must stop and cut more fabric. Quilts do take on a life of their own and I must pay attention to this one.

How long will I linger in these colors. How slowly it seems to go.

I confess I guestimate and then finally measure. Seven inches done. Then eight. Then nine. Aren't I finished yet. The last two or three inches just seem to drag. I don't even let myself stop and take pictures. I must sew. Another seam and then coffee. Finally it is done. I cut it to size and sew on the binding. Even the hand finish work goes on and on as I grow increasingly impatient to see the finished quilt.

Finally though--aren't the colors wonderful!

I hang it in the booth at the Washington Craft Show. Yes, it looks perfect. All is forgiven.  And then so soon, it is gone. Already it has found a great home. Almost too soon but no--I want it to be happy. And besides I can always make another one, right?

Does this happen to you? Do you have projects that just seem to go on and on even though you know the finished result will be worth it in the end? How do you approach them? What do you think?

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