Monday, October 1, 2012

color on the mountain

After finishing the large quilt, I need color. Gone are the greys from my palette. I want soft oranges, greens, and yellow. Walking in the woods I see the brilliant yellow of mushrooms--not for eating but for soaking in the splash and complexity of color.

Underneath my feet a red elf hides in the leaf litter with only its tail disclosing the presence.

Yes, I can feel my own yearning for color. The pentimento of autumn as nature displays its vibrant nature before the long cold winter. There is something about teal that inspires me. Such a complex color of yearning.  Amazing how colors can affect us, isn't it?

Yes, it needs to be grounded. No pun intended. But a rich brown does anchor us, doesn't it?

Still though there is the light. Driving home through the woods there is the glow of sun slanted now at its angle glowing through the yellows and golds? A certain feeling even in the fog and mist we have been having recently.

Yes, I think these colors will work. Now to finish the quilt. Piecing the colors one at a time. Just right. Complex like the colors of autumn. Hmm. I can't wait to add few more rows. Then sew it together. Perfect for the Paradise City Arts Festival, isn't it? Should be peak season this week-end I think.  Amazing how the colors of the season influence me. Does this happen to you too? What do you think? Will I see you there?

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