Monday, September 17, 2012

return to the mountain

Sometimes it is the small details that make the quilt. For those who may remember, I have been working in the next of my series--the promise of mountains. How complex the colors are. How many decisions I have had to make to get just the right effect. But then, just when I think it is done, I question whether I have the color of the mountains right in this particular quilt.

Are the oranges that I initially planned too rich, too warm? Too expected, if you know what I mean.

I look at it. Pause. Take a step or two back. Look again. Check it out up close. Maybe the problem is these two oranges. Maybe they need a bit more pizazz. Hmm.

Well sometimes, the best solution is no solution. One of the problems is that quilts do look different when the blocks are sewn together. OK. I don't have to make any rash decisions. Just start joining the blocks at the top. Work on other projects as I ponder and absorb what I have done. Try to project what could be.

At five the next morning I wonder if maybe I should not be using orange. Maybe that is the problem.
What if I try gold?

 No, that will not hold up when it is pieced in. Interesting though. What about a brighter purple? Would that echo the line of purple?

Again perhaps not enough zip there. Too landscapey--is that a word? Will it just look like a bump in the line when I piece it? What about green?

I do like it. But would the mountains be green in the light? Doesn't the quilt look more autumnal than a green mountain? OK--maybe I am thinking about this too much. Maybe I should just go for it. After all, isn't your first hunch often the right one. And I do want to finish this quilt since I am doing the Paradise City Arts Festival October 6-8. It would sure look nice in my booth wouldn't it? For more info:

Yes, that does seem to glow doesn't it? A bit of a story. The warmth in the sky. Amazing how different the quilt looks when it is sewn together, isn't it? What do you think?  A good choice? Does this ever happen to you? How do you decide the little details?


  1. This lovely quilt reminds me of Ayres Rock in The heart of Australia. I love your final choice.
    It takes me a long time in the design process to get the final desired look in Quilt.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Beautiful...thanks for sharing your process.

  3. It's a beautiful quilt. I do what you do. Walk away. Sleep on it. Usually go back to the first instinct.