Friday, September 7, 2012

it's in the details

OK--I have been so busy trying to finish this quilt that I haven't posted as frequently as I would like. As you may remember I have been making a version of prairie sky for a lovely woman. Yes, it has been on my design board for a long time. I want to finish it. The customer wants her quilt.

Finally I get it pieced. Stand back and look at it. Yes, the customer wants green on the bottom. I had considered teal but she likes the green. No problem. It does punch up the colors more.

But should I do more. Does the green make the colors too yellow? She wants oranges, not pinks. But she does want a glow of dawn.  Should I punch it up a bit? Or is this too obvious?

Don't know. What do you think? I'll leave it up on the design board as I sew the blocks together. How long that takes. Only 23 separate tasks.  Well, that is one of the games I play with myself. Seven rows of blocks to sew together. Six seams to join the rows. Four binding sides. And Velcro on top and bottom--that is two rows of sewing on the top or bottom.

Silly isn't it? But I like to feel I am making progress. Give myself a goal for each day. You see I can't do that much hand sewing every day and this is my least favorite part of making a quilt. But I will get it done. And then the design board will be free and I can start another project. Maybe in colors of the autumn. Mmm.

And you--do you think the orange sunrise is too striking? Too obvious? And how do you get tasks done when they seem to drag? Any hints?


  1. I think the orange sunrise is too striking; I love the hint of it.

    Sometimes when tasks seem to drag I break them into smaller jobs and "reward" myself after reaching a certain goal. (Ice cream, read a chapter in a book, go for a walk, etc).

  2. I prefer it without the additional orange (punched up) pieces...but I see what you are after. Perhaps a bit more contrast instead? Like, a little of the really dark blue at the top to take it into pre-dawn minutes? Not sure...but it's looking really good!