Tuesday, July 3, 2012

joy in the garden

OK--in case you haven't figured it out--I love my garden. It is wild and unorganized. Planted so full of flowers that this week-end I did not even go look at more Japanese iris. I need to figure out what I can limit or move before I add anything else--sigh!!  Rows of daylilies that fold onto each other. Peas draped over fences. Leeks just starting to fatten up. What is it about color that moves me so? Why is there so much joy here? Why is this the place I go when I just want to be--if you know what I mean?

How can I resist my new daylily--jolly red giant. So tall and proud making a statement of being.

 The casual exuberance of Easy Ned. So bright and cheerful.

The perfection of this one--not sure of its name. Look at the details. So subtle but sure of itself. I had a plant that had grown there may have died out. But still lovely isn't it?

The extravagance of my Japanese iris chigokesho. I just got it last year. I confess I could not resist all the detail and the colors. Delicious aren't they?

The contrast of the daylily ping and the iris foreign intruder. Aren't those colors wonderful together? And yes there are more "susans" and daisies than there should be. Room perhaps next year for more iris and daylilies.

And you--do you have a garden? What the delights you are seeing this year?  What are your favorite flowers? Have you figured out what makes gardens so joyful?

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  1. Lovely flowers, you must have a great garden. My wife and I love gardening as well, and we have lots of flowers in our flower beds. The irises are all finished now, but the day lilies and the other lilies are all starting to bloom now. The roses are slow this year, but some have started to bloom. We love to sit in our gazebo and enjoy the gardens, when we get the chance. Seems you have to do so much work in them too!