Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I can do anything you can do....

OK--this seems to be the summer of putting one's thoughts into song. You know the dueling musical ads of Presidential politics. No, I won't go there. Yes, I have definite views which my astute readers have probably figured out but this is a blog about quilts.

Instead the song that has been going through my mind is the one from Annie Get Your Gun--you know where she sings "I can do anything you can do better" and ends with a triumphant "Yes, I can. Yes I can. Yes I can."

Great music to have running through your mind as I try to make a really long table runner using my thing piecing. One of those ideas that I had been dreaming of for years until finally at five one morning I figured out how to do it. And I decided I just had to see if my idea worked.

Just do it as another famous ad would say.

And that is what I did. "Yes, I can." "Yes I can." "Yes I can." If you know what I mean. Yes it is 80 inches long. What do you think?

It could also hang over a bed, couldn't it? Or a sofa.
 What do you think? Why do I get inspired just before a craft fair? Do come down to see me at the Guilford Craft Show if you are in the area. Of course now I want to sing that song from Peter Pan--you may remember the lyrics--"I got to crow."

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