Thursday, January 5, 2012

Should we better promote quilts as art?

Let's face it--I love to browse through these glossy magazines--the ones advertising lovely decorator homes. What is the latest style and trends? Cutting edge bathroom systems. Sleek furniture. Kitchen with all the latest ovens and refrigerators. The wine coolers. The decorators who bring this all together. The builders of these homes. Don't we all love to imagine we live in them?

But then I noticed. In the bedrooms with the rich well polished furniture--the beds had comforters with simple covers on them. White down comforters. Or generic prints in bright--but not too bright--colors. With geometric flowers.The walls had paintings--simple, generic landscapes. Again you know the look.

Now--let's face it. Staging is important. There is a home about to be put on the market in my family. An architect designed home in a stunning location. The agent wants the home cleared of all the furniture and possessions. She will rent items to create just the look that potential purchasers might like. Create an atmosphere where the browsers can see themselves living there.

I'm sure that must be the same for these magazines. But certainly there must be a lot of images of fiber art on the internet--right? I go to pinterest. Now I have been on pinterest for a few months--I love it. You have to sign up for it. They approve your application. Then you create boards of lovely images that you like--gardens, the color blue, bedrooms, favorite places. Designs that inspire you. An interesting way to share and refine your style, your colors.

Yes, I found a few. But not enough. Shouldn't we as fiber artists post more images of our work in homes and offices? Isn't it important that others realize how autumn afternoon can draw you down that modern--almost sterile hallway? Add warmth to an environment seemingly lacking it?

Or what about showing that quilts are art? That prairie dawn can hold its own with any painting? Doesn't it look fabulous?

Don't these images show that fiber is not just for country homes any more? What do you think? Are you on pinterest? Do you know of any great installation images that use fiber? How do you promote fiber art?


  1. I have many of the same questions about promoting tapestry. I agree that we need to show our work in ways that are appealing to people--and in our homes and in our offices and in corporate spaces. We need to be better marketers. Thanks for this great post.
    Rebecca Mezoff

  2. Hi Ann! Our provincial craft council just put out a survey questioning members on what should be included as craft - painting? photography? Typically woodworking & needle arts are. It was interested that the survey was coming from the other end of the question. I though of you. Look here - there's a performance being put on here all about the issue... I thought of you!

    "The William Morris Re-enactment" from a speech he made 135 years ago. We are to dress in proper attire from the time. I think there is a debate afterwards at a local pub!! lol If I go, I will write to you all about it: )
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  3. Thanks Rebecca. Monika--do let me know if you go to that performance. It should be interesting. Love the thought that painting is also a craft--so true, isn't it?