Tuesday, January 17, 2012

having fun with color

I love this time of year--I always feel like there is just that bit of a new start.  New colors are forecast for the year.  Do I want to use it? I check out the Pantone projections of colors--always fun isn't it? You can see them Pantone Fashion Color Report here. Love Solar Power and Margarita. Not sure about the Tangerine? What do you think?

I must replenish my stock. After all, the Baltimore Craft Show is just around the corner. Yikes. So much to do. I know that I need more smaller items.  I just read this great article by Bruce Baker in Craft Reports : 6 Simple Tricks to Make Money and Beat the Economy . Yes, I must make more work that people want to purchase--like duh!!

Well actually there is more to it than that. I must have enough work that people can find a place for. Get them shopping in my booth--thinking about my work in their home. Baltimore is HUGE for those who don't know the show. Hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors.  Thousands of visitors. It is competitive.

Now I know I won't get a chance to make all the quilts I want. Stock is still pretty slim since Irene--UGH!! So much floated away. I still feel like I am running around just trying to keep my head above water. (Maybe not the best image to use?)
Anyhow, I decide to make a selection of my skyscrapers. Long thin pieces--great for those narrow spaces that everyone has. Also good table runners. Don't you just love this one in bright blues and greens? So happy and interesting.

What about this burgundy and soft tan? Lush and happy.

And the teal with the yellow green? Wouldn't that look great hung near the blue one?

 Oh so many more colors I want to make. Maybe even have them hanging as a group in my booth. What should I do next? A purple and rust? A blue with sea foam green maybe? Blue and lavender might be lush? What about tangerine and margarita--is that too much? What do you think? How do you decide what colors to use next?


  1. Love the narrow pieces. I am hoping to visit the Baltimore show this year. Can't wait to see your beautiful quilts in person, and hopefully meet you to say hello.

  2. Lovely color groupings. I tend to work off my surroundings - usually the local landscape in season, or where I'm visiting. Now I'm collecting fabrics in blacks, golds and maroons, however, to match the decor in my bedroom!

    1. Thanks Lotta--I do hope I get a chance to meet you at the Baltimore Show. Janet--those colors sound fantastic--bet the results will be lovely.