Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Another day in March--cloudy, grey. We are having what the weather people so politely call "a wintry mix." Personally I can think of other words for it. But this is after all a family blog so you can add your own descriptive terms--OK? Besides--today I will pack my van for the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough this week-end. For me, this show is the definition of spring and I can hardly wait.

Instead I want to discuss the color or shall I say colour yellow. I was just on a wonderful chat where I learned that "Appreciation" is the tone for 2011 and yellow is the color of the year, at least in Great Britain. Don't you love it? Yellow--that wonderfully complex bright happy color is color of the year. Don't believe me--check out this wonderful blog site from--of course--Great Britain--here. Just look at all the wonderful yellows she uses, a soft greyed yellow. Black and that wonderful yellow with a bit of blue. Not sure I agree that yellow should not be used in the bedroom--but that is me.

I check out the etymology of the word yellow in my OED. Of course, this is a word that goes way way back. Think of how important gold was. Gold, yellow. The color of egg yolks and buttercups. Essential.  Both gold and yellow seem to come from the same root. Interesting--it used to have a meaning of jealous. Yellow press--sensationalism.

For those who know my work, I  love to use splashes of yellow. Think of that wonderful block in october sun echoing out through the quilt.

The hint of yellow in last light. Doesn't it define the piece?

The splashes of light in summer sky.

The bold line of yellow that defines by the sea in this installation shot I just received yesterday. Doesn't it look great in its new home?

And you what do you think? How do you use yellow?  Do you force forsythia? Are you dreaming of daffodils and buttercups? Will I see you at the Paradise City Show?


  1. I am a fan of yours from western NY and we have gray skies from Nov - April due to Lake Ontario. Your work always gives me the hope that color will return to our skies! I am vacationing in Mexico this week and have got up every morning to see the beautiful colorful sunrises and think Ann should see this!

  2. Thanks Jeanne. I dreamed of those Mexican sunrises yesterday.

  3. I am happy to discover your work through Karen Griska. It's beautiful and very inspiring! I live in Seattle. A local meteorologist said we don't have spring. March through June here is the season of "disappointment." What a treat to see your colors.

    1. Thanks so much. I hope I can provide a bit of inspiration.

  4. Your work is very beautiful, your sense of color and how to balance it in a quilt is so painterly, I greatly enjoy looking at these quilts. Like Nifty above, I discovered you through Karen Griska's blog.

  5. I just discovered your wonderful quilts on Pinterest and I think they're beautiful. Usually when someone says the so-and-so has raised something to an art they just mean it's done very well. Calling them string quilts is like calling Kykuit a sweet little house in the country. They're amazing!