Saturday, March 5, 2011

when will spring come?

OK--let's face it. March in New England. We still have 18 inches of dense packed snow on the ground. Our driveway is covered with ice. I can't even walk from my studio to get a cup of coffee without hanging onto the rail. Oh this is becoming a drag. No sun in the forecast for days.

Now I know that it is only a few weeks--14 days, 14 hours and 56 minutes as I write this--before the calendar turns. And this is the time for sugaring. Yes I do love my maple syrup on pancakes so maybe I shouldn't complain too much. Besides the next season is mud season. Oh the joys of that. UGH!!! So maybe I shouldn't complain so much.

I just returned from the Baltimore Craft Show. It was good--not great--but good. Pillows sold well. Yes--it is always nice to have a new item. I had spent a lot of time making them and I am still excited about the concept. There are several orders that may still come in which would make it better.

But still I did better last year. Oh well. Was my booth too dark? Bad location? Just luck of the draw? Do I need to update my work a bit more?  Not sure. But I have a couple of shows at the end of this month--Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough, MA--love that show--and CraftBoston the next week-end. (Will I be lucky enough to have mud season come and go while I am away? Sweet thought.)

For now I just need to make a few small wall hangings in spring colors. Bright soft blues. Lavenders. Something green and cheerful. A few pillows in those colors if I get a chance?  That is after all something I have control over. Long ago I learned that after a show that didn't meet my expectations the most effective thing is to quickly learn all I can and then concentrate on my next show. The next plan. Isn't that the best approach? Isn't tomorrow another day?

Here's a snapshot of the first new one. What do you think? Cheerful, happy colors. Thoughts of spring?


  1. Lovely, lovely colors! Just the thing for a gloomy MN day in which we're anticipating yet ANOTHER big snowfall. I feel your pain, Ann. Really. On all fronts. So I agree -- on to the next adventure!

  2. Thanks Susan. Hope you are enjoying the s***--in fact you can have it all . Good luck with your next adventure.