Thursday, March 3, 2011

the quilts of Ann Brauer--March news

Well I am not sure if March came in like a lion or a lamb this year--it has been cold and sunny with about 18 inches of snow and ice on the ground. Maybe it came in like a polar bear? What do you think? I have seen tapping for maple syrup so spring must be just around the corner.

I just returned from the Baltimore Craft Show--great show. I had spent several weeks working on a new pillow design for the show and I am happy to report that they flew out of my booth. I also sold a number of smaller wall hangings including "dawn on the hill" and a lovely "blue rolling hills". Later this month I will be doing the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough, MA--Booth 153. I love this show--such a wonderful and eclectic mix of art, craft, good food and music. They are even having a special exhibit on The Nature of Beauty. For more info and discounted tickets do check out

Then the following week I will be doing the CraftBoston Show at The World Trade Center in Boston. I haven't done this show for a number of years but reports from other craftspeople say it is a lovely show with some of the very best work around. Certainly I am looking forward to it. Check out

When I am not at these shows I will be in the studio working hard to prepare for them--and waiting for April when spring will definitely come. I still have a quilt showing at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY and the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA. You can of course learn more about what I am doing by checking out my blog at

I have also decided that I will sometimes offer a quilt as a special when I send out these monthly e-mails. These will usually be quilts that I love that have just been around the studio a bit longer than I would like. The sale will be on a first come--first serve basis and the offer will be only for a short time.

This month I am pleased that the first piece is "red hills". I love the colors in this quilt--so cheerful and warm but I made it in early 2008. This quilt is 32x48 inches and can be hung either horizontally or vertically. The normal price is $820 but until March 15 the price will be $400 plus tax and shipping. I have only one of these quilts so when it is gone--it is gone. (I hope that doesn't sound too commercial?)
If you are interested--please contact me at or call me at 413 625-8605.

This piece has been SOLD!!! Due stay tuned for my next special in April.


  1. oooh! That's very lovely!
    Hey congrats on the pillows! Art peers always say "bigger!!" but you know, people who love your stuff come with all sized wallets, so pillows are a terrific idea. : ) : )

  2. Thanks Monika. It is also interesting the number of customers I have who start off purchasing a smaller item and then when the time is right purchase a larger quilt.