Monday, November 8, 2010

the opportunities of rejection

Yesterday the rejection came. It really wasn't a surprise. Sure I had hoped for another result--at least a "Wait List". But I sort of knew it would happen.

After all the craft show that rejected me is one of those very very prestigious ones--you know hundreds and hundreds of applicants for about 120 places. And I know that at least five to ten of the applicants--the quilt makers--are just as qualified as I am. Moreover, I knew it would be even harder to get in--the show likes to accept those who have not done it before. Probably great from their perspective. Harder for me. I have done the show before.

So though of course I was disappointed--the show is absolutely lovely and I do very very well there--I wasn't surprised.

And I certainly don't have time to be upset about this. Instead, this will give me a chance to maybe do a craft show or two that I haven't done for a while. I wonder which one I will choose. I think of my house visits--those have been getting me some great results. I should do this more often. After all, I am doing the Washington Craft Show in a couple of weeks--maybe I need to arrange a time to come down and visit those who are interested. I order more postcards so I can promote myself.

Maybe I can also apply for a couple of quilt shows. I have been going so non-stop that the deadlines usually pass me by. I read a great article on LinkedIn by Rhonda Schaller on "Creating a DIY Strategy for Exhibiting Your Work"--great article--check it out--yes, creating my own show. That would be fun. I love how my work looked at the Landmark Campus. That show was supposed to travel but the next location ran out of funds. Too bad. I start researching on the internet--where would I like to show? So many possibilities. I need to reread this article--explore possibilities. There are hints here

I think of my quilt red barn, blue silos II.  Yes, I should keep my focus on my goals like the red barn is the focus of the fields. Keep this vision in mind.

I read the blogs of Lisa Call--she is so organized. Check out this blog of Lisa's. I love how she can write out her goals for the week--so much she hopes to accomplish. I love the structures of her work, the plans, the way the pieces create the whole. But I am not sure that is for me. I make my quilts almost by intuition--I get the palette right and then it is almost a gut reaction. What comes next. It is the same with my strategies, my goals. I create a general concept in my mind, a purpose and then start moving toward my goals. I don't know if this is the best way--should I write it all down? I don't know. I tend to get overwhelmed with possibilities. I like the freedom to accept opportunities if I can keep that red barn in mind.

And you--what do you think? How do you reach for those goals? Are you a list maker or gut reaction? Do you have any great tips?


  1. Wow - rejection must have a reason. It's hard though! As for organizaton... sometimes I think the best artists have managers. lol do the booking and media stuff so the artist can just create. : )
    Good luck with it!
    and thanks fo rthe links! I need it!
    love your work.

  2. I believe that when something doesn't work out, eg: rejection, another possibility opens. I'm in a similar situation with a gallery who has decided it is time to rotate my work out for someone new. Not easy to swallow but I understand and am looking at it as an opportunity for something new to fill the space.

  3. You are so right. Glad you liked the links Monika. Good luck finding that great new opportunity Amy. I know you will.

  4. Got the same rejection letter and had similar feelings of disappointment (although I have never done the show before!) Then realized that the new year and spring were now open to create more work, organize and implement systems for the business and marketing aspect, and target market those art consultants I've been thinking about forever. I've been asking for space in my life so that new things can come in, and now I'm looking at it!

  5. Ann - as we talked about on twitter, here is my response to your comments:

    Looking forward to your next thoughts in the topic.