Tuesday, November 16, 2010

getting ready for a craft show--a time for lists

Recently, as those who follow my blog know, I have been dialoguing with Lisa Call and others on strategies for getting work done. Interesting discussion--I love the comments on my blog post about systems and strategies.

Now normally I don't like to make todo lists--I know what needs to be done and I attack it from various angles until it gets done. But I am leaving for the Washington Craft Show tomorrow morning and I have to get packed. This is a wonderful craft show--truly some of the very best most serious fine craft artists in the country--I am honored to be included here. Of course it is also a very expensive show to do. I do want to make money at it.

It is also a show I have not done for a number of years and never in this venue. There are systems here I do not know. How to get my work from my van to my booth? Where to park my van while I set up my booth? Hey, I don't even know where I can get a cup of coffee at the show.

I have a love-hate relationship with shows as it is. I love the deadlines of working toward a show. I love seeing the work come together as a unit and getting the feedback from the customers. I love the possibilities. But I always feel that I have to stop working just when I am really getting going on a theme and I know my thought process will be different when I return.

I try to make it as easy for myself as possible. I pay all my bills. I make an appointment to get snow tires put on my car. For good luck, I make a donation to the Western Massachusetts Food Bank--yes, I am a bit superstitious--if I do good for others, maybe whatever that bigger force is will think of me kindly. I ship out orders. The blue hills quilt is now headed to its new owners. I hope they like it.

 I sketch out my display parts--though I have set up this display hundreds of times, right now the pieces are in different boxes. The craft show I had done just before I switched vehicles had involved a bigger booth and more parts. I must be more organized this time. I want to check my lights--some of the fixtures got pulled apart at the last show--no need to fight it during set-up. As I work, I make a list of things to remember--I contact the Post Office, put the mail on hold, change the message on my answering machine. Pull out things I must not forget. Leave post it notes for things I need to do when I return.

As the studio gets emptier and emptier. I want to clean it. I take a walk across the Bridge of Flowers--yes, it is still open this year. So neat--most of the annuals carefully removed, the leaves on the iris trimmed.  I see the little orange flags--post it notes for the spring.

I walk slowly admiring the remaining flowers--this may well be my last walk across it for the season. How beautiful the kale is in its white and purple feathery splendor. I enjoy the fact that it is still there but also  know that once I am on my way down to Washington, I will look forward to the excitement of the show.

The couple who were supposed to come and buy placemats postpone their visit. I will try to finish the new grey quilt--then organize my studio for packing. And you--how do you prepare for a show? Am I the only one who wants to clean before leaving?

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