Thursday, November 11, 2010

getting it done

Oh I have too much work to do before the Washington Craft Show. Orders to finish. Work to make. The list just seems to go on forever and ever.

This week I have been struggling to finish a long--or should I say --l-o-o-o-o-n-g wall hanging. They need it before Thanksgiving. I want to get it done. The piecing seems to take forever. It is a huge quilt. One hundred and two inches long.

Finally I get that done--then I must sew it together. Hand finishing all those seams. I turn on the Diane Rehm Show--learn about Cleopatra--interesting. The fiscal policy--not so interesting. My DH tells me I should just work faster. I can't. I don't want to do anything stupid. There is only so fast one can sew anyway. I plug along. It is hard because hand sewing is sufficiently reflective that I can think of all of the projects I want to finish. I look at the studio and want to clean it--but no I must focus. I want to update my web site--but no, not now.

Finally it gets done. I just have to "finish" it. Wrap it up. I iron it. Pick threads. Add the Velcro for hanging. Pick more threads. Luckily this time I have tried to be neat in the work. It is not that bad. Label it.

I hang it up over my design board so I can clean the back of the piece.

 Hang up the quilt on the wall so I can pick threads once more. Get a snapshot of the piece.

Then I have to make the boards for hanging. I have been using a pressed board Venetian blind that is easy to cut to size. They can just be screwed into the wall. Of course the quilt is so big I need four boards. I wrap them together and cover with paper--I will roll the quilt around them. After the boards are mounted,  the Velcro can put in place. I measure the Velcro. Wrap it up for packing. I make a muslin cover for carrying the quilt. Put my web address and phone number on it.

Then I put one of those plastic drop sheets on the floor. It is clean and lint free. Spread the quilt out on it. I put a business card inside--just in case. Put the boards on one end and start to roll the quilt--again hunting for threads. I know I will miss some but I don't want to miss too many. I tie the quilt into the roll with a few muslin strips. Slip it into the muslin cover. Then wrap the whole thing in some of the plastic drop cloth--tape it shut and put it into the box. Yes, this took a couple of hours.

Now I must just contact the future owners. Add another card or two. A bit of padding in the box. Then tape the box shut and ship it. How nice to have this piece done. Though there is just a tiny bit of regret--an absence. I have grown accustomed to the piece on my design board and miss it though I know it will have a good home.

But I can't linger long in this feeling of regret--there is too much to do. I eat lunch and then get back to work.

And you--do you miss work when you send it out into the world? Or are you so eager to move on to a new piece? Any any tips on working faster--is it possible?


  1. I always feel sad when I sell the last print of a series, It's hard, like watching a piece of you float away but I can't wait to move on to my next favorite!

  2. I'm curious about your use of Velcro to hang your quilts. Do you have more detailed information about this technique documented somewhere? I'd love to learn more about this.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I am sure I posted about it somewhere--not sure where though. Basically I stitch the loop side of the Velcro to a piece a fabric I can hand sew easily and then attach that to the quilt. I then use a strip of faux wood--or wood--and apply the hook side. Attach the wood to the wall with a couple of nails or screws and then press the quilt in place. I hope this helps.