Thursday, March 4, 2010

memories of the Baltimore Craft Show

Well I survived the Baltimore Craft Show and I am SO eager to get back to work. Yesterday my legs stopped aching from all that walking and I organized the studio--well sort of--refolded fabric, made a few potholders. Today a new wall hanging--I can't wait.

But first though--a few memories of the show. For those who haven't seen my booth set up, it is full of color. In a 10x10 space the colors echo off each other and add a warmth and feeling of light. And yes, the booth is 1 inch steel poles more than 8 feet high that I set up by myself--doing craft fairs builds strong muscles how many ways?

At the show I was across from the inimitable Myra Burg--you may know her for her "quiet oboes"--long colorful poles wrapped in threads--very funky and colorful. Sunday morning is always slow--who gets to a craft show at 10 am on a Sunday so Myra and I had some fun arranging our work together with our pieces together--what do you think?
You can see more of her work at

There were lots of other great artists at the show too. One of my favorites--Natalia Margulis--was in the next row over. A most interesting person--born in Russia, studied biology and graduated from St. Petersburg University before coming over to the US.  Her work combines classic embroidery techniques with her own imagination and skill. I love it. The booth image just gives a hint of the detail and designs--I will post more about her work later or check it out at


And finally I would be remiss if I didn't mention my friend Gretchen Tanzer--a weaver from Cape Cod who won--for the second time I might add--an Award of Excellence at the show. Certainly it was a most deserved award. Her simple geometric designs and great colors are a constant inspiration to me-- check it out--   I do need to post more about her too later.

But now, to work, to sew. To dream.


  1. The glow of the prairie sky in your email is fabulous! BTW I'd like to have one quarter of your energy.

  2. Golly, Ann, what a gorgeous tour of the show. Your booth looks lovely as does the blog. I've just signed up for the RSS feed; can't wait to see what you're up to. You seem to have mastered blogger pretty quickly.