Monday, March 15, 2010

the endless "endless fields"

OK--I have been working 10 hours a day--every day--on the new quilt for the Smithsonian. Choosing the colors, getting the colors to go from dark to light-- each row a different color--but enough fabrics repeated so the quilt will hold together. "Endless fields" is the name of the quilt--and it sure feels endless right now.

Every bone in my body is tired--my back hurts, my feet hurt, my hands hurt. I am tired of making decisions. How slow it seems. How many more blocks to make.I try not to think about it. I complain but I do love my work.

I know this part of the quilt will look great when it's sewn together. Now comes the real fun part--how to get the rolling hills that I dream of for this quilt. Let me explain a bit.

I like the way the road turns in this quilt--"bend in the road".  I am intrigued by this piece. Will rows of the bends be too much? Or will they be interesting?

Luckily my studio is fairly large and I can pin pieces up and squint. Sometimes I take pictures with my camera to get more distance. Drawing doesn't help me--but I can also see images of the quilt when I shut my eyes.

Or maybe I can make the pieces darker like this.

Or should I have the pieces move slightly as they might in "real" life?  Is that too busy?

So many choices. I will think about it at 6 am. I think I know what I'll try first--after I buy more fabric of course--what would you do?


  1. Ann, I love the center arrangement. It has a genconcept and the bottom one feels like it's trying too tle rhythm. The chevrons seem too electric for the "fields" hard. The fabric combinations are stunning!

  2. I'm in awe of you--you can conceive of all these great choices, AND you find time to blog! I know this will be great whatever happens. I am a slave to geometry so I like the first of the three choices, but honestly do not ever take my advice on something visual (not my forte). Using your own instincts you can't go wrong!

  3. Thanks for your great ideas--of course I am not going to reveal what I decide to do until it is done--a little suspense is great isn't it?