Monday, June 23, 2014

rolling hills--my view

Yesterday as I was sitting on my walkway doing some hand sewing, a passerby noted:
"It looks like you are where you want to be." How true that is.

The views from my new studio are so much more spectacular than I had remembered.
The mountain stands there benevolent and green protecting the river.

View from my Studio in Shelburne Falls, MA--Ann Brauer--2014

Upstream, the river winds into the green. And behind my sewing machine the windows promise more green and the chirping of birds. I spend far too much time just looking and absorbing my surroundings.

And of course I must make quilts.

I create a pile of fabric.

And start sewing.

I must capture this green. The gentle hills. The water flowing. The look.  The mood.

This quilt just comes together like it was made to happen.

No need to write much about it. The quilt speaks for itself, doesn't it?

rolling hills--summer days--Ann Brauer--12x39"--2014

detail of rolling hills--Ann Brauer 2014

And soon, the view will change. The clouds and mist will shroud the mountain. And probably I will need to make another quilt to commemorate the scene.

View from my studio--Shelburne Falls, MA--Ann Brauer

Yes the Grand Opening is this Saturday June 28 from 4-7 but I am open most days except Tuesday. I hope to see some of you there so you too can check out the view. See my new work. Celebrate. And for those who can't make it, there is my Good Night Irene sale on Etsy.

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  1. I love how you create stunning quilt images through slivers of colour, print and suggestions to the imagination.