Monday, February 3, 2014

dreaming the river--the story of a quilt

It was five o'clock in the morning. I had no desire to be awake. But my kitten must have sensed a stirring and she wanted attention. And in case you don't remember she is cute--indeed it has been said she is cute all over. So I was awake. Well sort of. When my mind started designing the new quilt. I want a new wall hanging for the Baltimore Craft Show. Something light and modern. Something that will stand out from all the other work there. I know what I want my booth to look like. But can I do it?

Colors that I had just started working with. Bright green. So pure. Such a statement.

green purse--8x8 inches--Ann Brauer

Add a bit of grey. I am loving the look.

pillow--16x16 inches--Ann Brauer

Now if I could combine them. My mind plays with the idea. What would happen if?

Take the river design I have been playing with. Hmm this could be interesting. I visualize it in my mind.

Then I start.
dreaming the river--Ann Brauer

Not bad. Yes I pin it up on the design board and experiment. It is never as easy as it sounds in a blog, is it?

dreaming the river--Ann Brauer
Try to add the greys. Will it work?

dreaming the river--Ann Brauer

Not as dynamic as I thought. Well there is more to do. I must continue.

dreaming the river--Ann Brauer
 Now it is starting to pop, isn't it?

dreaming the river--Ann Brauer

Definitely shows a lightness. What do you think? I sew it together. Start finishing the binding.

dreaming the river--Ann Brauer

Is it too simple? Does it look too easy? I worry. And yet I want to make more. This morning I plan other colors.  Should they all have the grey as the background? A matched set perhaps. Will they sell? Should I make pillows to go with it? Or another wall hanging? Or do I need to work on another design all together?  What do you think? How does inspiration come to you?

And yes, I will be at the Baltimore Craft Show. Booth 4209. For tickets and using this code BWI2014GUEST. The pillow and purse are on my Etsy shop:


  1. Your work is beautiful and never looks "too easy." Make some pillows as you have mentioned people love your work and would like to own it without a major investment like a wall-hanging or full sized quilt.