Monday, September 2, 2013

the quilts of Ann Brauer--September song

Yes, amazing it is September already. August just flew by as I did not one but two wonderful craft shows. So many people I met. So nice to see such a positive reaction to my new work. And now I have month to fill orders and get ready for the busy season ahead. And of course I have to find room in my garden for just a few more daylilies that I just had to order--I did try to contain myself though--really.

Anyhow enough chit chat for now. The BIG news is that progress is being made on my new studio almost every single day. As I noted in an article in The Recorder, I can stand at my counter at 6 Bridge Street and watch them pour concrete for 2 Conway Street and I confess I do that probably a little too much during the course of the day. The new building has a wonderful very solid foundation which will be raised far above ground level. In addition the two entrances into the new building will have a flood barrier that I can insert if a weather event warrants. There will also be a coating on the first couple feet of the new building which is water proof. (My architect does know his stuff.) For those who want to follow the progress more, I  post often on and will try to write more often on my blog about it.

Meanwhile I will be in the studio most days in September making work for my next show which is the Paradise City Arts Festival at the Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton October 12-14. This is a glorious show with good food and great live music as well as some of the best fine craft and art around. Columbus Day is late this year so the colors should be fabulous as well. Shelburne Falls will be holding another ArtWalk on September 14 from 4-8 pm and of course I will be open all day. Just another excuse to visit the Falls in the 'tween season and see how lovely the Bridge of Flowers is. Later in the year I will be doing the Washington Craft Show and CraftBoston.

And now for the Quilt of the Month. This time I decided to sell my quilt--spring garden.

spring garden--90x90"--quilt--Ann Brauer

This was a groundbreaking quilt for me when I made it back in 2000. Its sister is in the collection of the American Museum of Art + Design down in the Big Apple. This quilt was recently returned to me from a gallery where it was displayed for a number of years. I had initially considered keeping it as  part of my personal collection but, as I reminded myself when I listed it on Etsy, I am building a new studio. Anyhow, if you are interested you can find it on my Etsy shop at  Do note that the quilt does have a bit of a ripple when it hangs although I will gladly sew another strip of Velcro onto the bottom should you wish.  While on my Etsy show you can also see that I am trying to add more eyeglass cases to the shop to replenish those that sell. And I am wondering if I should post a few placemats and potholders on the site--what do you think?

OK--this is a long newsletter. I hope to see some of you in my studio this month or on the web so to speak. As always enjoy the season.

Thanks so much for reading.

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