Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the quilts of Ann Brauer--it's April after all

OK--Twitter has returned its vowels. YouTube is still in business and GoogleNose is no more. That still does not mean that we have not been having a light snow every night here. I guess the positive benefit is that the ground is frozen again so mud season will have to wait.

Of course I really do not have much time to contemplate the weather. I try to spend most days in my studio finishing orders, getting ready for CraftBoston and filling my shelves with more stock.  But let me be more specific. First on April 12-14 there will be "Sidewalk Days" in Shelburne Falls. Now I doubt if I will actually put my quilts out on the sidewalk--I don't want to chase them over the Bridge if the wind hits just right. But do drop into my studio and see what I have dug up from my shelves of UFO's or old favorites to tempt you into some spring redecorating. You just never know.

Then April 19-21 I will be showing at the CraftBoston Spring Show at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. This show promises to have lots of wonderful work and glimpses of Boston Harbor as you enter the Seaport Center. My booth is 133--tucked away a bit but I am sure you will find me. Yes, I should have some wonderful new quilts for this show and if you haven't seen my new quilt--dancing into spring--you will want to check it out. For more information:

And now for the quilt of the month--this time I have chosen moonlight. This quilt is 45 x 45".  Don't get me wrong. I love this piece and if no one purchases it in the next ten days I will return the price to $1400. But for the next ten days or until sold it will be only $800 plus all applicable taxes and shipping fees.

When I am not at a craft show, I should usually be working at the studio so I do hope you will drop by and see me. Of course in May I do have a couple of family functions scheduled, so do call first if you are coming from a distance.

I hope spring is coming where you live. Enjoy the season.

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  1. Happy Spring! It's beginning to feel more like Autumn here - tonight I need a jersey and socks.
    I love the light in your Moonlight quilt. I think the title fits too. I've just read The Secret Life of Bees and your quilt makes me think that's what those summer nights at the honey house must have looked/felt like.