Monday, April 8, 2013

cutting loose--creating the wall of purses

Maybe it is the long long wait for spring this year. Those grey days that just seem endless. Or maybe it is time to recover from making large--as in really LARGE--quilts. Or maybe it was just that pile of small strips that had grown and grown until it was either time to use it or lose it if you know what I mean.

In any case I decided it was time to make purses. After all my stock was getting so low I no longer took them to craft shows. And I am doing CraftBoston at the end of this month. So low that I could not even offer customers in my studio a good selection. You know the routine--what color are you looking for? let me show you some others? Always does help sales.

And yet I really did not want to make the same old purses. Been there. Done that. Until it occurred to me--I could create new designs. New colors. After all, these are just purses. They don't have to match do they? Why not have fun?

I mean who would not want this lime green and black purse? Cool isn't it?

purse--lime green and black--Ann Brauer

Or a teal and rust purse? Sassy, isn't it?

purse--teal and rust--Ann Brauer
What about red and magenta? A logical progression, isn't it?

purse--red and magenta--Ann Brauer

Of course there was the red and grey purse that sold "hot off the sewing machine". What fun. Yes, I do actually make them two at a time so I still have one of these purses in stock.

purse--red and grey--Ann Brauer

What about stripes? Stripes and red. That is different isn't it?

purse--stripes and red--Ann Brauer

Or a blue and mauve purse? How elegant. I actually saw those colors on an episode of Murder She Wrote. Amazing what can inspire me, isn't it?

purse--blue and mauve--Ann Brauer
And the result--a work still in progress. This "wall of purses". I sit and look at it. Wonder what else I can make? What other colors I need? More blues? Definitely. Something brown? Sure. More black and red? Why not.

purses--collection--Ann Brauer
So many possibilities. Such fun. Does this ever happen to you? Have you ever tried creating a collection--one concept. So many designs. Not really thinking about it but just letting it happen. And yes there are Sidewalk Days in Shelburne Falls this week-end so I do hope those in the area will drop by and see all these designs.

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