Thursday, March 7, 2013

the first seam

OK--I love my new big quilt--winter light. You may remember it. I hung it in the center back of my booth at the Baltimore Show. And even almost sold it a couple times. But I know I will be more likely to sell it if I have another big quilt like it also. After all, customers like to feel that what I am making is not a fluke. They want choices.

winter light--99x99"--quilt by Ann Brauer

Besides I have agreed to do an ad promoting my quilts as part of the Paradise City Arts Festival.  My quilt prairie sky may be included in this ad. Love this quilt also but I don't own it and I don't want to make another one just like it. Yes, this show is coming soon. March 22-24 to be precise at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlborough, MA. This show just exudes spring and I want a quilt that reflects the mood of the show. For more info: Note they do offer coupons for discounted admission on their website--worth a visit just for that.

prairie sky--96x120"--quilt by Ann Brauer

So I have been thinking of starting a new quilt. And thinking and thinking. I pinned this sample small quilt I had made onto my design board so I could study it. And think and think. Should it go this way?

quilt--Ann Brauer

Or that?

quilt--Ann Brauer

Does it matter?

How can I make this quilt big? I want it to be distinctive and original. Not just taking this quilt and using larger strips. Wouldn't that look too easy? Too much like a quilt that anyone could make? Where or what would be that special something? And did I really and truly want to spend my time making a big quilt? Shouldn't I make more placemats and potholders which I know will sell?

How much time could I spend just thinking? It was haunting me. So I decided to start. Make what I know. Isn't there some old Chinese saying that the largest quilt begins with the smallest seams? Well, maybe it doesn't go quite like that but still I had to start. No excuses.

Time to take the plunge. Add the first strips.

And a few more.

Sure looks tiny doesn't it? What comes next? I test some fabrics. One seam at a time. I try to visualize it. Hope I can get it done in time. Please no more snow storms.

Yes, this is a quilt to be continued. Will I get it done? How will it grow? I have ideas in my mind if only they work. I love it when I can just let the quilt take on its own life. Do you ever do this? How do you begin a quilt?

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  1. Ann ~~ I love the amazing art you create through your quilts. I discovered you in the recent magazine article (oh my, which magazine was it -- I get so many!). I met you through that article and it let me find you online. I poured over the gallery of your work and now I have found your blog.

    I am a quilter and have my own (2-year young) longarm business. Over the years I have either given away or sold my creations ~ mostly smaller items ~ and so now I am making wall hangings for my studio/home. I'm currently turning my 3-story entryway into a quilt gallery, so I was thinking that a quilt, like the one you taught us to make in the magazine article, would be fun to create and display.

    I keep thinking and thinking and wondering how you finish them on the back when you make the vertical columns of the offset strips. Don't know if you would mind sharing that technique or not. If not, I understand. I'll have to read past blogs -- perhaps the info is there.

    Anyway ~~ I just wanted you to know how much I love your breathtaking work and how much I admire your artistic gifts. I'll be reading more and someday when my quilting business has grown, I will purchase and treasure one of your wall hangings ~~ a goal I set recently!

    Your newest fan,