Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the eagerness of dawn

There is something about dawn--that proverbial promise of the new day. The sun rises slowly and majestically. The sky lightens and the day begins. So cliched and yet also so powerful.

Now those who follow my blog know that one of my very favorite things to do in winter is to snowshoe up to the top of nearby Helicopter Hill and watch the sun rise. I  get my DH off to work--give him his toast--it is always "perfect"--and lunch. Drink just a bit of coffee and then put on my snowshoes and start off.  I know the trail well--up and down the mountain, through the brush and then it is just up to the top. Always changing a bit but always the same.

For me this is the subject of so many quilts. The drama of standing alone with the sky and watching these moments so fleeting and sure and yet each so very different.

Always I hurry--will I be late? The trail is almost routine--one foot in front of the next. Watch out for that rock. Interesting trails in the snow. Deer and coyote. Fox and turkey.  Plow through the brush--try not to slap myself in the face. I glance at the sky through the trees. Do I have time yet? Then up and up. Until finally I am at the top slightly out of breath. Warm from the exercise.

In the north the clouds are a lush rolling pink.

The valley ahead soft with the mist of the heat and snow. Rolling grey and blue. Mauve.

I concentrate on the sky where the sun will rise. As the season moves toward spring the sun rise moves along the mountains.

So many colors in the sky. At first dark and haunting. The moon just a crescent hanging above the scene. Too faint for my snapshots.

The yellows move into greens and teals. Again so subtle my camera does not catch it.

Then I see it. First the glow in the sky where the sun will rise.

Then the first hint of light. So quietly and surely it slips up. It is hard to pause in this drama to snap an image. I point and aim then watch again. Waiting silently.

Until finally that shining diamond of light.  Soon the light will glow on the trees.

The roses fade into the light. I turn for home. My mind is focused on my hot breakfast. Cheesey grits this morning. One of my favorites. Sunlight will be touching the house when I return.

Sometimes it is necessary to stop and absorb the moment, isn't it? Take a deep breath and just be in something so essential and known but also so individual and different. At least that is what I do. And you--what is essential to your soul?  Do you stop and watch the dawn?

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  1. Beautiful post, Ann! Magical pictures. Magical moment.