Wednesday, January 2, 2013

it's 2013!!!

Dear all,

OK--I will try to avoid some of those cliches. You know, how quickly time passes. A retrospective on the year that just passed. Time to move forward. Make new resolutions. Set goals. I am sure you have heard them a lot during this time of year. One tradition that I had not heard before came from a daylily forum that I participate in. A gentleman from Pakistan--yes, apparently there are a number of daylily growers in Pakistan--daylilies in town squares, outside businesses, it must be lovely. But I digress. Anyhow, one year when he was visiting Japan he was invited to a FORGET THE YEAR party. Business associates, friends, relatives, whatever would get together just before the New Year and forgive all transgressions so that they started the New Year with a clean slate. What a nice tradition, isn't it? Worth thinking about.

And now to return to quilts. I hope that many of you got to see my article in the December January issue of Quilting Arts magazine. What an honor to be interviewed by Kristine. What a wonderful job she did asking me questions that I had not previously considered. Isn't that the mark of a good interviewer? And then I discuss how I am sewing those very thin strips that currently intrigue me. Worth checking out. And yes, I do have copies available in my studio.

Meanwhile I am working very hard getting ready for the Baltimore Fine Craft Show. Yes, it is in less than two months--February 22-24--at the Baltimore Convention Center. I just looked at the list of decorative fiber exhibitors and I confess I was blown away by the quality of exhibitors this year. I will be at booth 4208. My nose is to the grindstone and my fingers to the sewing machine as I try to make my booth stand out. Oh so much work to do. So many ideas for new quilts.  More on the show next month but if you want further information check out their web site:

And yes, I have started cleaning and organizing the studio. For those who can make it into Shelburne Falls, I do have several smaller "old favorites" on sale.  I may try to post some of them next month. And for everyone else--the quilt of the month is back. This time it is enchanted city. This was a quilt I made several years ago and was hanging in a gallery. I love the dimensions of this piece. So many different colors and such movement. It is about 40x40 inches. The quilt was priced at $1200 but for the next ten days--or until sold--it will be $750 plus shipping and any applicable taxes. So if you are interested.... This is just a snapshot that I took but it should give you a general idea.

Meanwhile do have a great New Year. Enjoy the return of the sun. And if you are in the Shelburne Falls area, I hope some of you will drop by to see me--I plan to be open most days unless the weather is bad.

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