Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the frolic of birch

Sometimes one just has to take that small breather. A short break. A walk around the South End of Boston just before the CraftBoston show opened on Sunday. For me, it was the last day of the last craft show for the year. The weather was lovely. Warm for December. And I had been inside for too long.

I love looking at these majestic brick buildings with grand staircases. Ornate iron fences around small front gardens. Such care in the planting and arrangements of these miniature spaces. Some with lights wrapped around the fences. Others with carefully chosen greens. The urn with the chili peppers. Simple and elegant. What fun I had looking at all these variations. Imagining the characters of Henry James.

And then I noticed them. The simple branches of birch against the greens. Distinctive. Sure. Almost like oversized candles. What a great idea. So complete. So modern. So seasonal.  Don't you just love it?

And then I saw this was a theme. Another vase of greens. This time with just one accent of the birch. Interesting how adding more greens so changed the look.

The tree made of birch wrapped with lights. Simple. I could even make this if I wanted to.

The reindeer. Sweet. That must have taken a long time. But how clever.

And the star. Another great construct. Not sure if I would ever make this one either.  Wouldn't it be fun to see it at night.

Now will I go out and gather some birch branches and decorate our house? Not sure. I do have quilts to make. Though it might not be a bad idea. We do have plenty of birch. A simple arrangement might look so festive. So many possibilities. Hmmm. I do know my little frolic was just what I needed. Refreshing. Do you have such frolics? What do you do? And do you have any ideas for using birch as decorations?


  1. I love the picture of the "oversized candles!" Another idea -- a friend used pieces of birch branches as centerpieces for tables at a wedding reception (I didn't see them, but they were described to me). They took 6"-long pieces of branches that were 3"-4" in diameter and sawed them in half vertically, so there was a flat surface with a rounded top. Then they drilled a hole in each piece to hold a candle and decorated them with greenery. I think they could be used for any occasion, depending on what was used for embellishments.

  2. Great idea Suzanne. I may have to try it sometime. Thanks.