Monday, December 3, 2012

the conundrum of eggplant

Recently I have been thinking a lot about of all things--eggplant. Aubergine.

No, not recipes for eggplant--although I did have the most marvelous sandwich of eggplant and avocado and cheese with just the right tangy sauce when I was in DC--delish!!! But I digress. I am thinking about the color--eggplant. That dark rich purple color of the European eggplant. More red than blue with sometimes just the hint of dark brown. So sumptuous. So rich and festive. We all know it--but do we understand it?

The color. So dark. Intense. Almost royal. But not quite that blue.  What is it composed of? I search on the web and discover that it is more red than blue on the RGB scale. Sometimes with just a hint of green. You can check it out here.

I snap a picture of the fabric that I call eggplant. Is it too red? Or is it just the flash?

Should I tame it with browns and greys? Or let the colors glow in their own warmth? I arrange the color progression for the placemats. Yes, there are accents here. Just a hint of reds and pinks? Have you noticed how calmed the color can be on the walls? Just a hint of green and brown added to make it all the more sophisticated.

But no I want a bit of pizazz. A statement. A bit of life and warmth to the placemats. What do you think?

And the table runner with the skinny strips. How will the colors combine? Isn't it in making a color progression that one finally understands the essence of the shades? I don't want it just eggplant--that is not how I work. Instead I add bits of this and that. What will be the overall effect? Will the color dominate? What fun this is? So much to play with? Is it too busy for the elegance of eggplant? Or when the whole is seen does it all blend together?

Have you noticed that making a color progression can really define the color in ways that a simple swatch doesn't? How just changing one or two fabrics in the progression can change the nature of the quilt? Is this why I love doing them so much?

Oh--so much to do. What fun I am having? I could make another with a bit more browns and greys. Or are there other colors I need. After all, I am doing CraftBoston this coming week-end and I do want to have a great selection. What do you think? For more info on CraftBoston you can go here: and if you want a discount on tickets do e-mail me.


  1. Lovely, Ann! Wondering... have you tried adding a strip of golden brown into the mix? You might like the warming effect and the contrast might make the beautiful purples even richer. Not sure, just something to experiment with while you're having fun? Thanks so much for sharing your process with us!
    Here's a link to the sort of shades I'm curious about...

    1. Thanks Julia. Yes, I agree those colors will be fun to work with. Great idea.

  2. Tried to comment via TypePad, but it got messed up -- hope it works this time! Love these colors. Rich and beautiful. While you're experimenting, I was thinking it might be fun to try a strip or two of deep golden brown to add contrast -- it might make the purples even richer! Not sure, just an idea to mess around with. Such fun! Here's a link to the kind of colors that came to mind...

  3. ANNE! I saw the preview pages of the new QA magazine!!!! WOOO!!! I can't wait to buy it! : )))))

    : )

    BIG fan,
    Monika Kinner-Whalen

    1. Thanks Monika. Always great to hear from you. Love your images of the prairie.