Monday, August 20, 2012

going for it--the new backdrop

OK--I admit that I do love displaying my work against my black backdrop. The colors pop. The black hides the flaws in the booth.  I have all the parts. And--perhaps most importantly--I am used to it.

However, when a crafts woman whose marketing advice I really respect took the time to suggest that I really should have lighter colored walls, I listened. After all most people don't have black walls in their homes. Good point. Indeed last year on my drive TO the Evanston Craft Show I included changing the color of my backdrop as part of my plans for the future. Alas on the drive BACK from Evanston I had other things on my mind.  How quickly priorities can change.

Still when at a recent fair a couple considered purchasing rainbows of summer but could not imagine what it would look like in their home I thought about it again.

And after I moved to 6 Bridge Street I realized that my quilts look great on the off-white walls of my new studio, don't it?

So I decided to go for it. After thinking about it, I ordered new curtains in an off white.  Will this be too light? It sure will be different won't it?

I knew I didn't want to hang the curtains with the same draped effect as before. After all I want them to look like walls, not curtains. I did a bit of research and found a method using Velcro.

I have sewed Velcro sleeves to slip over the poles on the top. That should work.

I took out one of the curtains and tried to figure out their system. Hmmm. Not sure how it all works. What about the sides? The corners? I look at my booth at the Berkshire Craft Show and try to imagine how the system will work. OK--I can fake it here. Put Velcro sleeves on the bottom. Take lots of pins. Self-adhesive Velcro.

I still am taking the black rug. One thing at a time. And I still have black covers for the display units. So much to do. So little time.

How lazy I feel for not wanting to set up the booth as a test before the Evanston Show this year. But the booth has stayed in my van. What have I forgotten? How will it all look? Will I regret this decision? What do you think?  Wish me luck. And if you are in the Chicago area, do check out the show.


  1. Change is sooooo hard:) Your work will look fabulous no matter what color wall it is on. I have used off white at the trade show and black at retail venues and I go back and forth since it looks good either way. I do agree that off white will make people SEE it on their own wall better though. Good Luck!

  2. Gee that's a good point! Ahhh I always adore your work Ann. : )

    Monika in Canada