Monday, August 22, 2011

step by step

In just two hours I must start packing for the American Craft Exposition in Evanston. Oh I am not in the mood to do this. The fair is at least a 16 hour drive away. Just as you are almost there--you get to drive through Chicago. Ugh!!! Why did they put all the interstates converging on downtown Chicago. What a slow slow mess that is. Then off load the van and set up.

Now once I get set-up I will be glad to be there. The show is lovely. One of the best in the country. I always feel that it is a privilege to get in. The volunteers are simply splendid. They do everything and then some to help you. So kind and well-organized. And I do love being right by Lake Michigan. It is so huge, such powerful waves. Wonderful rocks along the shore line. An inland ocean without the smell of the salt water. Already I have one customer who has said he will be there hunting for another wall hanging. Nice. I didn't do the show last year--others hopefully will also want new work.

But for now I must get organized. Stay calm. Finish up the new placemats--a bright fresh green that will add just the right accent to the stack of placemats. Customers do like to have a selection to choose from. Clean up the brand new quilt--I have named it ancient light. What do you think?

I can't wait until I can get the reaction of the customers and other artists to the new line. Do you know the excitement of showing new work?

Then take the seats out of my van. Yes, I can lift them--barely. Check my lights for the display--make sure they work. And pack the van--slowly but surely. Trying to decide what to take--no room for pillows this time--but I think I will take the purses. I do have lots of eyeglass cases--they should sell well. Remember my order book. So many things to do. So methodically. I have done this before. I must just be sure and steady.

Remember that the longest journey begins with the first step. Calm and thoughtful. Make sure I don't forget anything. And then drive--go west quilt maker--go west. This is a journey to do one step at a time knowing that I can do it--without thinking of the overall big picture.

And you--how do you prepare for a big craft show? Or a big trip?

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