Thursday, August 18, 2011

the new kitten

I know I haven't published a new blog post for a few days.  Don't worry I have a good excuse. You see, my DH and I decided we just HAD to have a new kitten. There was this little grey kitten advertised at our local shelter--so cute. I was immediately in love. And--for those who don't already know--I do have the best DH. So if I wanted it, yes, we should get it. The Animal Shelter--a very good animal shelter--was also delighted. For no reason related to either the animal shelter or to Tonks--she had been at the shelter for half of her entire life--and she was going quite bonkers in her cage.  I mean, the shelter tried so hard to keep her entertained but there was only so much they could do after all. Cute though isn't she?

But what we didn't know--until we got her home--was that not only was she  glad to get out of her cage--she ran wildly around the house for hours just stretching her legs after all--but that having been in that cage for half of her little life there was just so much for her to learn. What could she do? What should she do? Every fly or wad of paper was a new adventure.  Her first attempts to jump up on the sofa were quite funny, actually.  Almost-- but not quite--and she would slide off onto the floor. (Yes, I am a cat lover and I would rather cover my sofa than not have my cats on it.) What was safe? What was not a good idea? So much to learn all at once?

And this is where the blog actually begins talking about quilts and not kittens. Yes, I really do make quilts--if only to support my love of cats.   For I just got back from a craft fair where I got told over and over again how they were going to make a quilt just like mine.  I always get told this. Then I just got an e-mail from a lovely woman who had actually seen my quilts--she was trying to make her own wall hanging for her living room only it was much harder than she thought. Where to begin? She had a vision but it was harder than she thought.

I got to thinking about the whole concept. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


How do you make a quilt?


Start small. Make one area of the quilt that you envision over and over again until it has become what you want. Then make the next area. Study, read, observe. But always keep practicing.  Isn't this just  what Tonks is now doing? Practicing jumping up on the sofa over and over again until she can do it without thinking. Learning where she should go and where is not safe. Learning the signals of my voice. Good Tonks. No Tonks. Down Tonks. I think of the Japanese potter Hamada who--when asked how long does it take to make a pot--answered in all seriousness--a lifetime.

At least that is how I learn. And how I hope that Tonks will learn. Already she can make the sofa without thought. And even sometimes she just lies down and rests.  And you--my reader--how do you learn to make a quilt? What advice would you give? Any thoughts on taming the wild kitten?


  1. Ann, I can totally empathize, being a "cat person" myself. Though I've had many, I've never successfully trained one. They train me! Have fun!

  2. She's a beauty! I didn't realize until the second photo that she has a little tabby goodness going on. Congratulations, Ann :-)