Tuesday, October 26, 2010

road trip--time for a house visit

OK--it is time for a house visit. Now I have a couple of friends who are very good at visiting client's homes--they take several pieces of work, show how great it looks in the setting and walk away with the order. Oh I wish I could do it but I am a shy person and find visiting someone's home is such a presumptive thing to do. Maybe because the first time I did it I drove three hours each way and spent an hour looking at the site only to discover that the woman who arranged the visit did not have an authority to buy. Ouch.

However, every once and a while, such a visit is in order. This time it was for a customer that I have dealt with before. I knew she had a new house which I was eager to see. She also has very good taste in quilts--if I do say so myself. Great taste in art in general--I know many of the people she collects.  And she is a very nice person.

Now I wasn't sure if there was anything special that she wanted to see. I packed a few quilts and put them in the back of my van. I put fresh batteries in my camera, grabbed my order book and my computer if she wanted to see images. Before leaving I called just to confirm--after all I did not want to drive down to her house unless she was going to be there.

Luckily for me, it was a lovely day. Foggy at first. With the last of the autumn colors. Then as I got closer, the sun came out. Of course I had planned it with a few minutes to spare. I did not want to make her wait. Found the road then headed into town.

What fun I had. Normally I don't get to spend time in Lenox--it is just far enough from my studio--a few backroads, a mountain range and no time.  So that is where I headed. Wow--outdoor sculpture throughout the town. Lined up along the sidewalk. What fun. I parked the van and started walking.

Don't you love this abstract grouping?


Here is a close-up. What detail. He reminds me of one of my DH's uncles.

Another sculpture I loved was this one--very simple and concise. Though perhaps a bit expected.

And this woman. What interesting movement here.

Yes, someone--not me-- had put some cornflakes in her hand. OK--that is sort of cool. I wonder if the birds ate from it. Though I did wish it was bird seed.

So much to see. A little town common with a perfect New England tree. Lots more sculptures throughout town--even a juried art show. I could have spent several hours. But I had "promises to keep and miles to go...."

Yes, I clearly must do more house visits. Do you? Any hints about doing them?  Have you been to Lenox recently? 

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