Monday, July 11, 2016

The promise of sunrise

blood moon--40x40 inches--Ann Brauer 2015--photo by John Polak.
Today my interview came out in The Textile Artist. Thanks Daniel for all your work. It was a pleasure.

I'll  post the link so you can all enjoy it.

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  1. I moved, and I am putting books and magazinwes on shelves, fun stuff. I found an article on you and your art in a 2013 Quilting Arts magazine. That flood had to have shaken you to the roots. You got back up and now here you are on the internet. You may not yet be amazed by your story but I am. Your quilts each one is lovelier than the next one. You are an inspiration. The quilt with the sun is incredible, as is "Desert Solitare" in the magazine. If I were a rich woman I would buy them all, but since I am not, please just take my sincere admiration.