Saturday, January 16, 2016

the frolic

I don't know if this ever happens to you, but sometimes I just need to get a quilt DONE. Not one of those long projects that I work on for days or even weeks but a little quilt to refresh my mind. An amuse bouche. Or maybe if I were British I might call a frolic.

In this case the perfect project was delivered to my in box. A customer who had bought a couple of my placemats on Etsy now wanted something to hang in their baby daughter's room. They seemed like sweet people, would give me free reign and it seemed like it would be fun to do. (Besides the annual sale at The Textile Company starts next Tuesday and it would be fun to have a bit of extra cash around--yes I am a bit of a fabric-aholic).

I had a couple of placemats around in the colors they wanted so I pinned them up loosely to my design board to give the couple a rough idea what I planned to make.

frolic--quilt--Ann Brauer

Perfect they said and I decided to start. This was not a project to spend a lot of time on. The budget was low. I knew that going in so I wanted to relax, have fun and finish it. Perhaps it could be a bit lighter. A hint of sunrise. I pulled out some fabrics and started sewing.

frolic--quilt--Ann Brauer

By putting the horizon line lower I knew I could create more interest. I figured I make the bottom be slightly more blue. Again a bit more interest.

frolic--quilt--Ann Brauer
The colors kept calling me. Yes, it was taking longer than I had anticipated. Partly because even though I was working with a familiar idea I did have to do more thinking than I do with placemats where I  organize the fabrics all and sew. There were more colors involved. I had to hunt for just the right color which does take time. Then I had to look at what I was doing to make sure I was still on track. Still the quilt kept calling me.

frolic--quilt--Ann Brauer
Until finally I could trim it off.

frolic--quilt--Ann Brauer
Doesn't that yellow add such an interesting spark?

Normally I like a black binding. It makes my work consistent and I think makes it look more finished. But this was for a young child. And the original placemats had a lavender background so I figured that was what was called for.

frolic--quilt--Ann Brauer
Not bad, is it? Should I make more. While I know I under-priced myself on this quilt, I could probably sell more if I made them.  If I made them in a series it would be quicker. Three hung together would look great. I could spend weeks doing this. Still the finish work took longer than I had hoped and I think I would want to quilt on top of the piece these days. That could not be made faster.  I have other orders to fill. Baltimore is very soon. And if I have any hope of having the dynamic and impressive booth I long for at that show, perhaps it is not the best use of my time. Sigh. Although a good concept to have in my back pocket when I need one. Or when a customer requests one. Thanks Etsy.

And you, do you ever make something just because? A small fun piece. What do you think?


  1. I love what the yellow sliver does to the piece. And the wavy sliver. Make more. What the heck! What are the measurments of the quilt?

    1. Thanks for your great comments. The quilt is 15x26 inches. And maybe I will have to make another one now that I have it figured out.

  2. do you turn under the edge at all or just sew them on? Love your quilts and I am doing a landscape and have water that is really stretching my brain.