Friday, March 14, 2014

Just got to have fun!!

Sometimes it seems I make a quilt for a purpose. It is perhaps an order--or it will look good in my booth--or tis the season--or....  And sometimes I make a quilt just because I want to have fun!! That's been happening a lot recently.

You see I got inspired to test some machine quilting on top of the quilt just to see what happens. And I discovered if I choose the fabric carefully it adds to the quilt rather than making it feel confined. (Harsh words but that can happen, if you know what I mean.) Well one quilt led to another. And then I started mixing and matching.

But rather than telling you about it--let me show you some of the experiments.

field of first growth--12x40 inches--Ann Brauer 2014

Now one of the great things about these pieces if they can be used separately. Perhaps as a wall hanging for that long narrow spot.

harvest field--12x40"--Ann Brauer
Perhaps as a table runner.

field of teal--12x40"--Ann Brauer

But then they can also be used in arrangements. Think of that space over the sofa. And yes I just pinned these in place--they can be hung more formally is you wish.

three fields--Ann Brauer

Or going up the staircase:

three--Ann Brauer

Stagger this combination:

three--Ann Brauer

And then rotate it--why not?

three--Ann Brauer

Or maybe the colors should be switched again:

three--Ann Brauer

Notice the effect of the slightly darker yellow and the addition of the purple or plum. Oh I could pin them up forever and take their snapshots. But I have work to do. Each piece leads me to want so many more to play with. Isn't that why people love to shop from artists anyway--to get inspired and play with design.  I want to make all the colors of the rainbow. Maybe a green with just a tad more olive. Or another brown. Don't really have anything in the blue family yet. And the red family?

How many can I finish before the Paradise City Arts Festival March 21-23? Which ones will sell?  Will the public even enjoy playing with them as much as I do?  And if they sell at Paradise will I also have some for the Philadelphia Furniture Show April 4-6?

What do you think? Which ones are your favorites?

For more information on the Paradise City Arts Festival:
The Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show:

And my Etsy shop has some under either wall hangings or table runners--check both places as I couldn't figure out where best to list them.

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