Wednesday, November 13, 2013

chasing rainbows

Now as readers of my blog well know, I have a love-hate relationship with custom orders. On the one hand, I also worry if I am going to get the piece just right for the customer. After all, they are entrusting me to add a piece that meets their vision to their home. What a responsibility. I must examine the images of the room and try to absorb it before I create just the right quilt.

On the other hand, I find the finished quilt does stretch me in ways that I would not always venture. This is especially true of large quilts.

Of course the customer may want to know what the quilt looks like before I make it--this is only fair. Indeed it helps me refine my vision. But I am a self taught artist and while I may get the vision in my mind, frequently it is hard for me to convey the concept to the customer.

So sometimes I do what I do best--make a quilt. Think with the fabric. Make sure that my idea works.

This time, the order is for a large quilt similar to my quilt "rainbows of autumn."

rainbows of autumn--quilt--45x45"--Ann Brauer

But using the piecing techniques of "winter light". You may remember this quilt also. Large strips with colors that progress from light to dark. Of course this time, the inserts are not included.

winter light--99x99 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer

However the colors will be different. The teals and oranges of spring. Just a bit of fuschia. Some  browns and tans. Blues. I don't want a color progression but more the rolling colors of "rainbows of autumn". So I arrange and rearrange the fabrics.

And start to sew. Yes, this sample will be smaller--much smaller than the finished quilt so I can't use nearly as many fabric. But maybe it will give me an idea what it will look like and help me learn what the possibilities of this colorway are. What changes I need to make. Let me see.

Not bad. I am not sure about that yellow--is it too bright? And the one complex color running through may be more conceptual than actual. Hmmm.

A bit more of how it will look. Let me continue.

A little more rounded out with that brown on the bottom and a bit more blue on the top. It may be too orange. Where is the fuschia? And I do want the colors to roll just a bit more. But still a start.

Now it is getting to be fun. What a fun colorway. What do you think? Do you ever make small samples like this? What will the customer think?

To be continued.....

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  1. I have done a few custom quilts and your words are so very true! Expectations and pushing yourself in directions you would not normally go are two of the things that I have experienced as well. Thank you for your words. I admire your works and love to see the things you post and share. I continue to follow as it gives me inspiration.