Sunday, June 23, 2013

redoing the iris bed

Now readers of my blog know that I LOVE my iris beds. Those sweeps of color that seem to echo the sky. I have beds of the carefully bred Siberians--purples and blues, mauves and pale yellows. So many colors that dance in the late spring days. And in front of the house--like a grand entry way--is a sweep of pure blue. The basic Siberian iris planted in a mass of color accented by red poppies. Oh for a week or so it is spectacular.

But as my DH noted recently this year there were just not as many flowers as before. Indeed brambles and golden rod grew in the middle of the bed. Yes, I agreed. The soil was a bit worn. It needed a good pruning and weeding. Digging and work. I kept meaning to do it. But it has been a busy year. The loss of a parent--my FIL, the illness of a treasured friend--too young, too valued for such things to happen.  It makes my worries seem trivial and silly. And rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Oh the excuses mounted. The brambles grew. Until finally today I decided enough was enough. Time to make a stab at it. Sure it would have been easier earlier. But better late than never as they say. So I put on my leather gloves, work pants, work shirt. And went at it. Cut out the brambles. The weak growth. Dig and pull. Dig and pull. Until finally there was a whole in the center where the weakest growth had been.  Then new soil. Some bark mulch. A bit of lime to sweeten the soil. And now I wait. The irises will fill in. At least that is my hope. New and more beautiful than before.

But as I was doing this I got to thinking--isn't this a parable for my life right now? Yes, doesn't it always return to quilts for me.  Sure I have been working hard making new quilts. Pillows. Purses. Table runners.

And it still feels like I am in a rut.  A bit snappy. After all, sales in the Falls have been slow. Lots of new stores opening attracting different markets. Having a movie filmed in town actually doesn't help business--at least not my business. Or is it that I have been so busy making new work, getting ready for a new studio that I haven't had as much time to explore new markets? Maybe my customers are not here just yet? I am taking a break from one show I usually do. Another got changed by the Boston bombing--how long ago that seems. So many reasons float before me.

I pull the brambles and make the quilts. I explore new markets and realize this is not personal. I must calm down and be steady and sure. Add a bit of new soil. A new look. Keep adding the lime. I must stay sweet. Apologize for those I have snapped at.  I do have lots of shows in just a month or two.  And I will need the purses and pillows, the placemats and table runners. And of course the new quilts. Lots and lots of new quilts.

So do you ever feel like you are in a rut? A bit snappy? What do you do? How do you cope?

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