Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the quilts of Ann Brauer--it's May

Finally it is spring. The trees have this wonderful green haze. The little maple flowers add just that hint of red. The forsythia is a burst of bright yellow against the grey and brown. Never have the daffodils look so wonderful. Even my first peas have shown in a delicate row of hope.

As you can tell, I love this season which always come as a surprise.

Meanwhile I have been working hard in the studio. This coming Saturday May 4 is the first ArtWalk in Shelburne Falls from 4-8. Lots of studios and galleries will be open with wonderful work. I hope some in the area will manage to attend--the Bridge of Flowers is open and simply glorious in its spring colors. Those who have been following my work on Facebook or even on my blog know that I got inspired to make a series of fun little purses. Indeed I created a Wall of Purses with each one inspiring the next. I have decided as a Celebration of Spring until Mother's Day, rather than having a quilt of the month this time,  the purses will remain at $60 each. Yes, they can be shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Purses--8x8"--quilts--Ann Brauer

Later in the summer, I will be doing the American Craft Exposition in Evanston and the Berkshire Craft Show in Great Barrington--but more on those later. And for those coming from a distance, do call first since this month I also have a large family gathering as a memorial to my father-in-law and then the graduation of my wonderful step-son. I am so very proud of him and wouldn't miss it for the world. And yes, I do have an architect for the new building!!!

Meanwhile have a great spring. Enjoy the season and the light. Color is everywhere these days.

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  1. A wall of purses is most wonderful, a kind of quilt that can be sent out into the world inmany directions.