Monday, June 6, 2011

flowers in the sidewalk

Sometimes life just happens. Nothing wrong with that. Indeed isn't it those little things that can make a day special? Saturday I was chatting with dear friends of mine whom I hadn't seen since they left for the Everglades last November. Sure I had read about their adventures with alligators and pythons, the trip in a plane skimming over the tall grasses. Their glee in telling of sunshine and warmth--usually they wrote just when they knew we were having yet another snow storm--UGH. I had kept them up to date with tales of snow shoeing in the moonlight. The dainty spring flowers. But in person, conversation just flowed. Laughter. Surprise at his beard. You must know that moment.

Then three women walked into my studio. Nothing wrong with that. The studio is open to the public. I want customers and conversations. It turns out these women were quilt makers. One I had met before--the others just knew of me. They drove up from Connecticut. Girls day out. One of them was carrying a bag. Would I like to see their quilt? Of course.  After the decided to visit Shelburne Falls, they wanted me to see the quilt. How special that was. Turns out there were seven of them--they had decided they would make a quilt for each of them when they turned fifty. What a great idea. This one had taken them three years--not working on it all the time. But still trying to make it just right. Not a bed quilt--but a throw. Or maybe a wall hanging. About 3 x 5 feet. Created in blocks. Each one made by a different woman and signed. I presume the recipient is a gardener. I confess I was so busy admiring the quilt I didn't ask.

I loved it. The careful embroidery around the lotus. You must know the words to the song--"inch by inch, row by row..." Wasn't that the theme for this quilt?

 The bright wonderful colors in the chili peppers and leeks.

 The artichoke--they made sure I looked at the artichoke. And it was delightful.

And the morning glory. I love that carefree feeling of morning glories--catching a bit of that warm summer sky in a flower that stretches up and then covers itself in blue.

The lilies of the valley--brings back so many memories to me. My grandmother's house had a special place under the pine tree. You could pick a dainty handful. Can't you just smell them? A special smell of spring.

There was so much more--poppies and corn, eggplant and pumpkins. A cabbage. The iris. Then they showed me the back. Which said it all.

Flowers growing in the cracks of the sidewalk. And isn't that what friendship is about. Those tiny things we share. Those wonderful memories that just happen in the day to day passage of life. Those bright moments of joy and laughter. Shared experiences that hold us all together. Isn't this one of the reason that quilts are such a powerful form of art? What do you think?

As for me, sometime soon I will go over and visit my neighbors. Maybe have a margherita on the porch. Play penny ante poker--I always lose. And laugh and share stories. Aren't friends wonderful?


  1. Beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing all the detail photos.